Tips on Getting your Home Market Ready

Lipstick Renovations can make a Buyer fall in Love.

When it come to putting your best foot forward when it is time to sell a home, sometimes a lipstick renovation is all that is needed to make a potential Buyer fall in love.

Fresh paint and a really good clean up can really pay off.  First impressions are everything when selling your home, and paint is the easiest and least expensive way to create an appealing atmosphere for potential Buyers. The more attractive and comfortable you make your home, the more it will entice prospective Buyers to make an offer.

Some helpful tips:

Look at the property from the Buyers perspective.  Don't think of the property as your home anymore. You're selling a product now.

Declutter all needless furniture.  Be ruthless!

Paint a focal wall adds personality to a room.   This is great in such rooms as the master bedroom and the dining room.

Smaller spaces can be visually expanded with shades of cool blue or muted green and a dark entry way can be warmed up with sunny yellow to maximize the play of light.

Compliments of REW