Next Hot Spot - Vancouver's East Village!

    • Anonymous

    It keeps getting better and better! More quality places to eat and shop while still boasting some of the oldest most authentic Italian businesses in Vancouver. Italian delis like Ugo & Joes, Moccia Urbani meats, Rio Friendly meats who's reputations speak for themselves. The newer businesses; TacoFino, Sushi Nanaimo, Camp Roma, and the less known the Roundel Cafe, all worth a visit.

    The business area is gaining notoriety for it's solid character, something other areas lack. These are mostly independent businesses run by the owners. THAT is what makes it special. Vancouver East Village or VEV is now the new name for the retail area of the Hastings Sunrise.
  1. It always seems unfair that people tend to have mixed feelings about my favorite restaurant, The Red Wagon, perhaps because they've 'made it', and now we all have to line up to enjoy its fare :-) Sushi Nanaimo is another recent success, love it also.

  2. Da, conspicuous by its absence. The Red Wagon. And really how could you forget the Roundel. The very first hipster cafe to break ground in the "East Village"