Is Mount Pleasant the New Brewery District?

With many new large breweries and micro-breweries opening up in and around Mount Pleasant, this gentrifying area is more than just skate boards and skinny jeans.  It is the new 'it' spot in Vancouver with great night life.  For those of you interested in pub crawling, these breweries are in close proximity so you can leave your car at home!or craft beer lovers in Vancouver, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate.

No fewer than nine new and expanded craft breweries – complete with tasting rooms – are expected to open in the year ahead, according to a great article in the Vancouver Sun by Randy Shore.

They’re clamouring to meet a growing demand for craft beer in the province.  Currently, craft beer accounts for some 20 percent of the beer market.  If cities like Portland are any indication, however, that could easily grow to 40 percent and beyond as beer drinkers become more choosy with their suds.

Here’s a rundown of some the breweries you can expect popping up around town in 2013.  Fittingly, four of these breweries will be situated in the historic Brewery Creek neighbourhood of Lower Mount Pleasant (situated roughly along Main Street, between 1st Avenue and Broadway) – which should make for some great beer crawls.

Steamworks: The venerable brewpub on Water Street has been turning our quality steam-powered beer  (like their flavourful Signature Pale Ale) for 18 years.  Now they’re getting ready to move into a new 25,000-square-foot brewery in Burnaby, with a 2,000-square-foot tasting room.  Estimated opening date: July 1.  

Red Truck Brewery: Red Truck, whose brews are already popular in Vancouver, is expanding its production capacity with a facility on East 1st Avenue in Lower Mount Pleasant.  It will include the Red Truck Diner, a retro restaurant and pub.  Estimated opening date: Late 2013. 

Main Street Brewing Company: You may have already seen Main Street Pilsner at bars and liquor stores around town.  The new company has been renting brewing space from Russell, but they’re  about to begin renos on a facility of their own on West 7th Avenue in Mount Pleasant.  Estimated opening date: May.  

Brassneck Brewing: This joint venture by the owner of the Alibi Room (a beer lover’s pub at its best) and a former brewer at Steamworks shows lots of potential.  The facility, to be located at 2148 Main St., will include a microbrewery and tasting room, plus a retail area for buying growlers (refillable jugs of beer).  Estimated opening date: Late 2013.  

33 Acres: This new brewery is already through the permitting process, according to the Sun’s Randy Shore, and is about to begin construction of a facility on West 8th Avenue in the Brewery Creek neighbourhood.  Estimated opening date: unknown.  

Central City Brewing: Central City, which produces the Red Racer line, should already be familiar to craft beer connoisseurs in Vancouver.  Now, beer wizard Gary Lohin is expanding to a huge 65,000-square-foot brewery near the Pattullo Bridge.  It will triple Central City’s brewing capacity and include a lounge and tasting room.  Estimated opening date: July. 





Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

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Location of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in Vancouver.

Mount Pleasant is a neighbourhood in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, stretching from Cambie Street to Clark Drive and from Great Northern Way and 2nd, to 16th and Kingsway. The neighbourhood, once characterized as working-class, has undergone a process of gentrification since the early 1990s, including the area around the Main Street and Broadway intersection that is increasingly becoming known as South Main, or SoMa. Vancouver City Hall is also located in Mount Pleasant.

The neighborhood is served by the Canada Line, an extension of SkyTrain from Downtown Vancouver to Vancouver International Airport.

Mount Pleasant is known as one of the more up and coming neighbourhoods, especially in the communities surrounding Vancouver's downtown peninsula. Many first-time homeowners and young professionals, as well as a growing number of families, call Mount Pleasant home. It is also home to a number of artists and writers, including CBC personalities Ian Hanomansing and Tod Maffin, The Tyee editor David Beers and documentary filmmaker Peter W. Klein.

Vancouver seen from Mount Pleasant, looking north across Kingsway just before its intersection with Broadway and Main Street. Vancouver City Hall and Vancouver General Hospital are visible to the far left, Downtown Vancouver to the centre, and North Vancouver to the far right.
Intersection of Main Street and Kingsway


Mount Pleasant owes much of its origins to a former stream and, because of it, developed much of its unique and rich character. The stream attracted a number of breweries from 1888 to 1912, hence it became known as Brewery Creek. In 1890, the first street cars arrived; as far south as 1st and Main. Brewery Creek, in conjunction with the connecting routes of Main and Kingsway, became the centre of industry and commercialism for the district of Mt. Pleasant. By 1897, there was a substantial population growth centred on Broadway and Main Street. The ability to commute to the City Centre and the industries of Brewery Creek and False Creek provided the draw for many working families that now populated the area below Broadway. In a sense, Mount Pleasant can be called Vancouver's "first suburb".