Getting Your Home Market Ready!

Prepare your home for sale. You can sell your home on a budget. Set aside an affordable amount for repairs and for sprucing up the place, and ask your agent to help you determine which repairs are the best to tackle. This can go a long way. Getting a home stager can also be a great investment, but if you can’t afford to hire someone, buy books on staging a house and study them from cover to cover. The most practical advice is to clear out about 50% of the furniture in every room. And don’t spend a lot of money on bathrooms. Most buyers poke their heads in and don’t spend any time in the bathroom, but keep the room extremely clean and sparkly– drop $20 on hand towels and tie ribbons around them. Also, if a room is a dark color, paint it white. Again, your real estate agent can often help you with home staging, and some agents will even hire a professional with not cost to you, so ask about it!