Get Your Home Market Ready!

Buyers respond to houses that are spacious, well maintained, and stylish. 

Your challenge is to see your property through a “Buyers Eyes”. Use these tips to

help you get started:


  1.  Enhance Curb Appeal

Power wash driveways, walks, patios, balconies, walls & windows. Rake

yards, trim hedges, weed flowerbeds, sweep porches. Make sure your

front entry is distinct and welcoming. Consider a new colour for the front

door and adding pots of colourful flowers.



  1.  Edit Furniture

Be ruthless.  Store all unnecessary furniture. Rearrange the remaining

furniture to improve sight lines, open traffic flows, and make rooms appear more

spacious and inviting.


  1. Conquer Clutter

Generally, you can remove half the contents from your bookcases, shelves and closets.

Clear kitchen and bath counters, leaving only a few high-style accents. A good rule of

thumb: Every box of clutter you remove adds $500 to your bottom line.


  1.  De-Personalize

Now is a good time to pack up family photos, certificates, trophies, and collectibles.

These personal items will inhibit buyers from imagining your house as theirs.


  1. Repair and Update

Make sure all doors, drawers, switches and faucets work. Repair any damaged walls

and floors.  If a Buyer sees visible problems, they will imagine there are even more

problems that are hidden. Consider updates in kitchen and bathrooms, as improvements

in these rooms yield the highest return.


  1. Consider Colour

Generally, you want to neutralize dark, vivid wall colours in favour of light, sophisticated

shades that Buyers prefer. Fresh paint can be the easiest and most dramatic

improvement you can make.


  1. Clean and Brighten

Give your house a thorough cleaning, including windows. Check all lights have

maximum wattage light bulbs. Open the drapes, raise the blinds and turn up the lights.

Show off your assets!


  1.  Freshen the Air

Clean carpets and upholstery to eliminate lingering odors. Avoid cooking strong

smelling foods (ie. Bacon, fish, curry) before a showing. Of course, no smoking



  1. Create the Wow Factor

Buyers are excited by a house that represents the lifestyle they aspire to. Be

Creative! Set your table in the style of a trendy restaurant. Transform your bath

into a spa like retreat with candles and luxury towels. Beautify your bedroom with

elements of hotel chic.